Foodies of Twitter Roast Michelin Starred Restaurant’s Ridiculous Pasta Presentation

If there’s one thing that people on Twitter get heated about (besides, y’know, politics), it’s food. If we had a nickel for every time a food went viral for being stupid, we’d be rich. Sadly, our Internet addiction hasn’t proved financially lucrative, but we do find the food-related discourse entertaining. 

This week, Twitter users are up in arms over a carbonara dish served tableside – out of a cocktail shaker. In the video, the pasta, which is available at Aroma, a 1 Michelin star restaurant in Rome, is served performatively by a masked waiter. It evokes the wine glass presentation that went viral back in February. At this point, to us, it feels like food influencers are mostly influencing restaurants to do stupid things with their dishes. It seems that most people on Twitter are inclined to agree. 

While some people roast the unnecessarily performative nature of the carbonara ritual, others roast the food itself, likening it to a gussied-up Kraft Mac & Cheese. Then there’s the matter of the portion size, which seems to have ruffled many an American feather. We’re just here for the laughs – and enjoying the carbs vicariously. 

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