Former Restaurant Worker Reveals Juicy Secrets of the Industry

Restaurants are renowned for their stark difference between their customer-facing façade and the reality of behind the scenes. No one knows this better than the people that work in them, and while some of us patrons like to think we’re clued up on the process, it always helps to have a reminder of how these places tend to operate. Just like with many industries, it’s not as glamorous as they want you to think. One of the latest examples of this has come in the form of @littlefatpug, who shared his wisdom from working in various different restaurant roles over the years. The main takeaway seems to be that there is a lot of lying involved, with almost everybody in the comments agreeing with what he relayed about his experience. While it may be deceitful, at least the whole charade enhances the experience of eating out (when it’s done right). 

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