Funniest ‘Check the Candy’ Memes for Staying Safe This Halloween

‘Tis the season of moral panic! What with its celebration of all things spooky, Halloween has a tendency to be dogged by some unfortunate rumors about the kinds of things that it encourages people to do. This is the time of tricksters and pranksters, and if some people are to be believed, nasty characters that are hellbent on doing damage to poor innocent children. 

We’ve all seen the scaremongering social media posts that claim households plan on giving out harmful things to unsuspecting trick or treaters, because most people who have access to illicit substances think the best way to use them up is to give them to random kids. It’s become so prolific that the trope has been turned into an absurd meme, with all sorts being stowed away in our favorite treats. At this point, it’s probably best not to go door knocking at all with all these dangers around. 

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