Funniest Coffee Memes For People Who Would Pass Away Without 10 Cups a Day

Beans really are the most magical fruit. I’m not talking about pinto, kidney, or garbanzo, but cold hard coffee beans. That’s right, the brown water that keeps this country from descending into withdrawals, anger, and chaos. 


For all those early-morning soccer moms, for folks on Wall Street, and people on road trips, coffee is the life blood that keeps you going. For some it keeps them regular (in the bathroom, obviously) and for others it keeps them sane. Coffee addicts everywhere can celebrate the most magical bean on this planet in many forms: light, medium, and dark roast. 


So if you spend $20 on a bag of premium, single origin, fair trade coffee beans, or if you prefer industrial grade, Folgers jet fuel in your morning mug, or if you simply like your daily walk to the corner 7/11 for a cup of Joe, then we can all agree that a warm cup of coffee is the only way to get the day started.

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