Funniest Comment Section Sparks From a Mother of Twins Asking Parenting Advice on What to Do About Her Babies Chewing on the Crib

If raising a baby wasn’t already hard on its own, imagine having to raise TWO babies at the same time. That is 2x harder. (Don’t even get us started on 2+ babies…) Luckily, for modern day parenting problems, there are modern day solutions, like asking for some simple advice on the internet. There is a huge community of helpful parents delighted to give some advice to any parent who needs it. For example, one woman took to TikTok to ask if anybody could help her with a little problem she was facing with her twins. 


She has twin daughters that are still in the crib and for some reason they chew through the wooden crib like a couple of beavers. She’s tried covering up the bars, but they still get to them and chew them down. The video got many real comments giving her help advice and even warnings on reasons why her babies might be doing that. It was even filled with parents saying they experienced the same thing with their babies and to not feel alone in her struggle. 


However, as the internet do, most of the comments were jokes. Maybe TikTok wasn’t the best social media outlet to turn to for parenting advice? It’s mostly millennials raising dogs and cats as their babies and Gen Z just starting to get into houseplants… But the comedy GOLD that has come out of this comment section is *chef’s kiss*! Just look for yourself below! 

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