Funniest Dog Memes of the Week For Canine Connoisseurs (February 28, 2023)

Being man’s best friend comes with a lot of responsibility. You’ve got to wake your human up at the crack of dawn just so they’ll give you some exercise, and casually destroy the house to let them know if you’re bored or lonely. You help them diet by expectantly staring at them every time they eat a meal, and you keep intruders on their toes by loyally barking at the mailman.

However, one of the most important duties that all dogs have is provide people with entertainment. Presuming they’re not a canine with a job, they really are just here for a good time. It’s no wonder that they make the perfect subjects for memes, because they are extremely accomplished at being goofy. That’s no mean feat, especially when it’s a full time duty. It’s only fair that we honor it with a bundle of amusing and adorable images that use this talent.

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