Funniest Memes About Leftovers for Anyone Raiding the Fridge

There are a few things that this most aimless time of the year is good for. Thinking about the future is one of them, and coincidentally, drinking too much is another. However, far and away the most fun, easy, and gluttonous way to while away the hours is by piling up our plates up with leftovers. If you’re currently living in the aftermath of a big family get together, it’s likely that a solid 90% of your current diet consists of the odds and ends that you have scrounged from some dark corner of the kitchen.

Although this is their true time to shine, leftovers aren’t just for Christmas. They’re also what most of us rely on in order to have something to eat at work, and what we find ourselves picking at when we wake up hungry in the middle of the night. Every fridge across the land has been home to a little something packed in tomato stained Tupperware at some point. In celebration of these meals that keep us going when nothing else does, here are some memes. Their selection process was not so different from the one that you may well use for dinner tonight. 

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