Funniest Memes About the Queen of England Meeting Princess Diana in Heaven

Amidst the onslaught of memes, news, videos, articles, and other Internet content in the last 24 hours regarding the passing of the Queen of England, there have been rumors and speculation about how her soul is being recieved in the afterlife. 


Queen Elizabeth, Lizzie, has been the beloved Queen for 96 years and has seen decades-worth of war, scandal, diplomacy, and anarchy, with one of the biggest conspiracies surrounding the royal family, relating to Princess Diana’s untimely death. 


Through decade-old rumors that she was wacked, much of the population of the UK still believes that Diana, their shining star of the 90’s, was removed from the picture permanently by orders of the Queen. That’s why, now that they have both passed away, it’s time for the reckoning to occur within the pearly gates above.


Time to pay the piper.

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