Funniest New Years Resolution Memes for People With No Goals

Are you one of those people who’s had the same New Year’s resolution for the last 10 years? It turns out that you’ve suspiciously never accomplished anything! Why didn’t the changing of the calendar year change your entire life, habits, and outlook on life? If you can live with the fact that you simply have no goals, then it’s all good. You can keep trying every single year to get a gym membership that you’ll lose money on until you give up and cancel in July. You can keep saying that you’ll wake up early or stretch everyday to help with your back pain, just keep saying the words and maybe manifestation with just make it happen one day. When you make a New Year’s resolution, there’s no reason to actually try, because obviously it’s just going to happen now that you’ve thought about it for one second at 11:59pm while getting turnt at your besties NYE party. As you kiss your toxic ex at midnight when the ball drops, you’ll suddenly think, ‘Okay, starting this year, I’m going to only date good guys.’ You got this sis! 

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