Funniest Stress Relieving Memes for Anxious Overthinkers Who Can’t Sleep Without Reliving Their Childhood Trauma

There are all kinds of things that people can be stressed out about, especially now. Political climate, job insecurity, and worst of all, the impending doom of seeing your family for the holidays. Nowadays, mental health instability is pretty normalized and for some reason, Millennials and Gen Z alike have decided that it’s pretty fun to make relatable memes and videos online of what it’s like to be anxious, overwhelmed, and crippled with depression. We’re all loling now, aren’t we? 


Honestly, for people with anxiety, it is definitely good to know that they’re not alone. And if you can’t beat a problem, you might as well join it and laugh a bit. So for people who constantly are overthinking things while they lay in bed hoping for sleep, here a few memes to scroll through to take your mind of your childhood trauma  — at least for the moment.

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