Funniest Tarot Memes That Look Into Your Future

Tarot reading has been trending online for quite a while now. Almost anyone with a deck sells their services on Instagram and Etsy, and TikTok is notorious for encouraging crystal-clutching ‘intuitive readers’ to pump out videos where they claim that your ex really is coming back, and for good this time. Even those who are into that kind of thing might raise their eyebrows at how tarot has taken over the internet, but it’s fair to say that a lot of people feel like they get something good from it. Some believe that it is a valuable tool for self-insight, and others have laid down some cards that ended up perfectly describing the situation that they were in. Even those who think it’s BS can enjoy a reading, because let’s be honest, everybody loves hearing about themselves. There are plenty of stereotypes attached to tarot that makes it fun to meme. Light the incense already, we’re here to get spiritual

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