Funniest ‘The Last of Us’ Memes for True TLOU Gamers Who Already Know What’s to Come in the Show

If you never played the game and are just following The Last of Us show, then we must warn you there are definitely spoilers ahead. If you are more than just a fan of the show and gamed the game like no other and fell in love with it through the way it was originally designed, then these memes are for you. 

Many people are already obsessed with the show The Last of Us after its recent premiere. But gamers know there is so much more to come! The show has just scratched the surface so far. Though gamers are extremely happy with the way the show’s adaptation of the video game, it’s still just not the same. Yeah, you might be crying watching that first episode and you watch Sarah pass, but it just doesn’t hit the same way when you’re actually in the game playing and that scene happens. That was YOUR baby girl! Anyways, you get it, and you will get these funny TLOU memes!  

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