Funny Times Senior Citizens Made the Internet a Better Place

Few things are more entertaining than grandparents on social media. Their posts and comments may be cringey as heck, but can you blame them? They didn’t exactly grow up with the internet — or even laptops and smart devices — like we did. You can’t blame them for not quite understanding the hot new meme you’ve shared, and you do have to appreciate the offered help if they mistakenly offer to come clean for you. Very nice of them. Perhaps if you want to help them understand the internet better, sign them up for a computer literacy class, or work with them on meme-literacy yourself. Will it work? Ehhh, it’s not our place to say. Perhaps the grandparents of the world are better off on social media but without understanding its bizarre underbelly.

Regardless of how you feel about your grandparents using the internet, we think they’re hilarious and very much deserving of some recognition, so get scrollin’ and then check out /r/OldPeopleFacebook for more of this sweet sweet content from your elders.

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