Funny Tweet About London’s Foxes Leads To Shock & Confusion

For many of us stateside, foxes are an elusive creature we mainly see in cartoons. As far as wild dogs go, coyotes are quite a bit more visible. They’re largely considered to be cunning and sneaky creatures who stay out of humans way, except for when they decide to raid the odd chicken coop. Today, however, we learned that this is definitely not the case in London, England. Twitter user @TweetsByBilal blew a whole lot of minds yesterday when he tweeted about the foxes that roam around London. The notion that a bustling metropolitan city boasts a population of bold, confident foxes was not one that many people seem able to wrap their mind around. Even more shocking? The fact that we’d literally never, ever heard about this cute canine infestation. You really do learn something new every day.

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