Gen Z Enters the Workforce: Relatable Kindergarten Teacher Pounds Energy Drinks and Blasts Rap Music in the Parking Lot to get Hyped Before Class and It’s a Vibe

Taking care of kids can be exhausting and immeasurably soul sucking. Not only do you have to censor your every word, but you also have to be entertaining, upbeat, quirky, and then an excellent role model to guide their future well-being. No pressure. One kindergarten teacher, a 23 year old TikToker who documents his hysterical kiddo encounters online (Mr. T) has a very special way of getting hyped to rise to the challenge of guarding the lives of his gaggle of five year olds: Ludacris and Red Bull. 

He crushes an energy drink in the car while listening to some throw back rap music to get hyped for each day in class and there’s nothing more relatable in this world. We all think kindergarten teachers are bubbly and cartoonish all the time, but never forget that they’re regular folks who sometimes hate their job just like you do. At 7:45am he’s the trap king and by 8:15am, Mr. T is in full swing, singing nursery rhymes and being the giddy adult figure for the kids.

As Gen Z folks are getting older and entering the workforce, the nonchalance, transparency, and general vibe of «serious» jobs are changing. Hilariously, because Gen Zers are traditionally self-deprecating and blasé (yet ruthless at the same time) this has changed things and created a pretty silly work environment. Work dynamics have shifted a lot and new additions to the work force are approaching their careers with less attachment and more laughter. Fortunately for us, Mr. T created one of the most relatable videos anyone has ever seen. 

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