Girl Causes Controversy by Sharing Hectic Lifestyle Working Three Different Jobs

It doesn’t take long existing in the world of work to realize that hustle culture isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. No matter how many workaholics like to pretend otherwise, we’re not meant to exist in the high stress situation that is employment mode for the amount of time even the average working person does. 

Nonetheless, there are individuals out there who insist on taking things further than they should. A case in point is TikTok user @loveyouuncle, who raised eyebrows after revealing her unbelievable schedule to the world. Working two jobs, maintaining a business, and going to college all at once, the 48 hour period that she filmed also ended with her going clubbing. Many were scared by her dedication to the grind, and pointed out that not only did that amount of work seem to be unnecessary in her living situation, but it was bad for her health as well. That youthful energy won’t stick around forever. 

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