Girlfriend Forces Her Boyfriend to Walk the Dog at 3 AM, Can’t Understand Why That’s an Unreasonable Request

It’s important to split chores evenly with your partner. That’s simple when it comes to stationary things, like washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, or sweeping the floor, but when you have to take care of a living being, things get more complicated. Animals require around-the-clock care. You have to feed them twice a day and take them out to go to the bathroom several times a day. My parent’s dogs get up super early because my dad is an early riser who is willing to feed them at 5 or 6 AM. That being said, it’s important to adjust your dog’s schedule to your own. If you’re working all day, you better let them out right before you leave and immediately after you get home. One couple (a Redditor girlfriend and a normie boyfriend) is currently in a bit of a predicament; the girlfriend has gotten their dog in the habit of going out at 3 AM, and she expects her sleeping boyfriend to take him out at that time. 

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