Goblin Mode Memes For Goblin Boys And Gremlin Girls

It still makes me smile that «Goblin Mode» was Oxford’s 2022 Word of the Year. Say what you will about British dictionaries, but they sure have a sense of humor. 

The idea that «Goblin Mode» is not a real word is simply hogwash. «Goblin Mode» is more of a word than the word «hogwash!» Words are invented all the time, and even if a word only makes waves within a small community, it is still a word. My family made up a term that I believe could gain traction due to its usefulness. My dad defines a «rubber snake» as a gift that is bought because the gift giver wants it, not the receiver. For instance, a guy who really wants a rubber snake gives his kid brother a rubber snake, despite that kid brother not wanting the rubber snake at all. It’s brilliant! If «Goblin Mode» is the word of 2022, perhaps Oxford can, out of the kindness of their hearts, give an underdog phrase coined by a random man the award this year. If they don’t, I reserve the right to go goblin mode on you British haters.

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