Great Grandma Has Near Death Experience, Wakes Up and Demands Soup

Death might be one of the few inevitabilities in life, but how we end up making our way out can be a fairly random occurrence. Even if we pass in the way that most people hope to, i.e. at peace, at a ripe old age, and surrounded by loved ones, there’s no telling the curveballs that might be in store for everyone involved.

This recently became apparent to the family of @atlas_ruth, who were preparing to say their final goodbyes to her 103 year old great grandmother when their relative decided to defy the odds just a little longer. After doctors told them all that her time had come, the grandma woke up again and had some very specific demands as to what she wanted to eat, seeing as she was still here.

Sharing the interaction on TikTok, viewers were tickled by the old lady’s tenacity. Even if she might not be here for much longer, she’s definitely made her mark on all the soup appreciators out there.




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