Guy Gets Girlfriend Identical Gift To Last Christmas, Realizes He’s Not Alone

There’s a reason that there are so many gift guides out there: festive present buying is an art form, and it’s one that many of us are not well trained in. Almost everyone has had to endure the ritual of forced politeness when they receive an unwanted gift, and the willingness to ask if they kept the receipt can get more tempting with each passing year.

Bad presents can take many forms, but perhaps one of the most amusing are the ones that come from poor memory. This is what happened to @jimmyjdawson, who got into hot water recently after accidentally gifting his girlfriend a carbon copy of the bracelet that he had bought her last Christmas.

While some were unimpressed with his apparent thoughtlessness, it seems like Jimmy’s predicament is not an uncommon one. Many people replied to the tweet revealing gifting slip ups from themselves or their partners, often involving the purchase of the same thing. Talk about creative.


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