Happy Couple Horrifies Reddit by Forcing Guests to Take Part in Puppet-Themed Wedding

Once upon a time, the average wedding was a simple affair. Sure, they meant spending a bomb and putting in months of planning, but you could rely on that friends-settling-down period that started in your mid-twenties being an interchangeable blur of frothy pastels, teary speeches, and drunken uncles (give or take a few cultural differences). 

Nowadays, the whole shebang couldn’t be more different. While many still opt for the identikit Wedding Experience TM, more and more newlyweds in training seem to want something that will make their ceremony stand out from the rest. For some, this means bringing their hobbies and interests into the mix, but most don’t go as far as u/puppetAH123 was hoping to. Posting to r/AmITheAsshole, he queried whether he and his fiancée were in the wrong for asking all their wedding guests to invest in a puppet to wear for the entirety of their wedding.

Reasoning that their puppetry hobby had played an instrumental part in the formation of their relationship, fellow Redditors were baffled by the fact that the couple wanted their loved ones to make such an expensive and effortful commitment. Certain things should probably just stay in the bedroom. 

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