‘Hi Dinosaur’: Kid Strikes Up Adorable Friendship With Creepy Spiritwalker

Children are known for having occasionally strange tastes. They develop attachments to concepts that few adults would extend the same admiration to, like garbage trucks or worms. They also don’t subscribe to the same ideas of wrong, right, scary, or normal, as we learn to in the process of growing up. 

Sometimes this can be a pain in the butt for longsuffering parents, as any who have struggled to get their kid to wear the right thing or eat something normal will tell you. Other times, it is unexpectedly cute ⁠— as proven by one little girl who has struck up an unexpected friendship with a monster she met on the street.

This 6’3 Spiritwalker costume would probably freak out most grownups, but Evana was both unphased and delighted. The video of her enjoying the mythical creature’s company was so popular that it led to a surprisingly wholesome second meeting between the two, in which Evana was given her own Spiritwalker toy. Sometimes the best kind of feelgood is the unexpected kind.


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