High School Students Crash Teacher’s Wedding and Turn His Wedding Photos Into Hilarious Memes

No one is safe from memes. That’s just the world we live in now. And you know what? We ain’t mad about it! We live and d!e by the memes. If you get meme-ified then we salute you! What a privilege! To be memes is to be immortalized. You are now one of the Internet gods. 


Recently, a high school teacher got married. It looked like a beautiful wedding with lots of love and tears. When his high school students showed up, he was excited to share this beautiful moment in his life with them. However, quickly after he realized they had ulterior motives for being there… When he returned back to class he found that his students took photos of him when he was ugly crying from happiness at the alter, and they turned them into memes. 


Luckily, this teacher Kevin McClitock, is a good sport and already a self-made internet comedian, so instead of getting upset about it, he has embraced it and encourages his students to keep them coming. He seems like a millennial teacher, and who better enjoys a little self-depreciating roasting humor than millennials? Check them out below!

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