Hilarious Memes For Avatar Defenders And Normies Alike

If you are one of my coworkers, you know I have been gunning for Avatar: The Way of Water since before it hit the theatres. I had such faith in James Cameron and his vision that was a decade in the making. For many years, it was not popular to be a fan of Avatar or James Cameron. So many film bros prayed for his downfall and wanted Avatar: The Way of Water to flop so badly they could not stand it! Once the movie came out, my premonitions were correct, and Jake Sully and his family were once again on top of the world! 

If you haven’t seen Avatar: The Way of Water yet, that’s fine. There are still a couple of weeks before The Oscars. More importantly, you don’t need to see Avatar to enjoy these memes! Most of them are not even about Avatar in the first place! I just like to bury the lede. 

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