Hilariously Relatable Memes For People Who Work From Home (And Might Even Be on the Clock Right Now)


Remote work culture has morphed and grown into a beast all its own since the pandemic. Most people have found work flows where they have 2-3 hours of insane productivity, then use the remaining 5 hours to drink wine, take naps, and run errands while on Zoom meetings with their mic and camera off. At the beginning, everyone still tried to wear button-down shirts, then the polo, then suddenly nobody was wearing pants during meetings and the robes came out. 


Comfort culture has taken charge of the home-life. Besides, there’s no stopping the post-lunch naps. 


Once you work remote, it’s tough to go back. Sure they might lure you with snacks in the break room, pizza Friday’s, or a commuter stipend (pretty much anything but an actual raise), but does that beat the commodified comforts of sending emails from your bed, avoiding public transit, and doing laundry while you’re in a meeting? I don’t think so. 


Onwards and upwards the WFH life goes! If you can get away with sitting at the beach on your laptop while your WiFi hotspot works overtime, do it. If you can differentiate between day pajamas and night pajamas, go for it. If you really have no intention of taking part in workplace small talk ever again, power to ya. Working from home is the best thing since sliced bread.

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