Horrible Facebook Memes That Can Only Be Blamed On Boomers

Not all memes are created equal. Some thrive for a short period just to get beaten to the ground like the dead horses they are. Others can sail on forever, generally accepted by the meme-consuming population as «good.» The following memes are neither of those things. These memes were rotten from the first time they were posted on the world wide web. These god-awful memes were made by the wrinkled hands of the baby boomer class, and it feels like they will never die. The memes, I mean. 

There are so many factors that make baby boomer memes terrible. A lot of the time, they feature terrible opinions, or «bad takes,» if you will. They also have an antiquated aesthetic that brings you back to the horrible Facebook memes of the early 2010s. If you want to torture yourself, but not that much, these boomer Facebook memes will hurt your soul a tad. 

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