Horrible Tweets That Prove the Bird App Is a Mess

Twitter used to be better. At least, that’s what my nostalgia-pilled brain is telling myself when I complain about the infamous bird app. When I was a kid, Twitter felt a lot less focused on mind-numbing discourse and more about retweeting the Anti-Joke Apple every 5 minutes. Now, you feel inundated with hot takes and the most absurd opinions ever concocted by the human mind every time you log on. It’s truly exhausting. 

One of the most interesting things about Twitter is that it hasn’t drastically increased membership at all in it’s recent history, and I kind of like that. Nobody is on Twitter because it’s the hottest new social media app, which, even in its infancy, never has been. Instead, us Twitter users are bonded by our unique desire to suffer. These braindead tweets are perfect for you if you’re part of this community or want to microdose it without fully committing.

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