‘I found excuses to upgrade four other passengers’: Airline Worker Told to Upgrade Douchey Frequent Flyer Only ‘If There Is Room’

The only thing more stressful than using an airport is having to work in one. Dealing with the stressed, the jetlagged, and the customary entitled jerks that may well be some combination of the previous two is not something that everybody can cope with. 

Nevertheless, some people out there have to do it. Even it difficult circumstances, it can occasionally come with some fun perks, as u/Northwest_Passage_ when they worked for a regional airline. When confronted with a difficult and entitled frequent flyer, they got the perfect opportunity to take them down a peg. 

After this passenger demanded a free upgrade to business class, they consulted a manager who told them to give away the seat if there was enough room on the plane. So, in the spirit of malicious compliance, it was made sure that there were no spare seats in business class. Redditors applauded the canny move, not least because it allowed some more deserving souls a nice upgrade. Who hasn’t dreamed of the airline Gods smiling on them like that once in a while?

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