‘I Think I’m Gonna Cry’ : 15 Best College Student Memes for the Ferociously Stressed Out Crowd Studying for Finals

Let’s face it, being a College student sucks. You spend most of your day with your face crinkled, your mouth sprawled into a thin frown, and your
eyes bloodshot from squinting intensely at your computer screen all day. You work hard at trying to make sense of life, but jokes on you, because in College you come to realize that nothing makes sense, especially life. 


Trust me, I know your pain, and understand the deep desire to procrastinate and pretend like deadlines don’t exist until the last minute (That’s what I’m here for, eh?). Nobody prepares you for the back pain, the amount of zeros in the bank, and the forehead lines you get from said frowning and squinting (Thanks to College, I’m getting Botox ten years early).


Whether you have an assignment due or you have to study for exams, I’ve created a list of memes that will help you smile through your tears. If you’ve finished your degree (Ignore my stink eye), you’ll be able to relate. And if you haven’t finished your degree (sending a virtual hug), let’s go cry together, shall we? There’s nothing like the mutual understanding of pain between College students. Scroll down and check ‘em out.


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