«I’m not paying $10 to watch everyone else eat» Man Ditches Wife’s Birthday Dinner Because He Hates the Restaurant

In this episode of AITA, u/youkickmydog613 asks redditors whether he was in the wrong for ditching his wife’s birthday dinner at Shogun. According to OP’s account of what happened, his wife had asked for his input on where to go for dinner with the family for her birthday, to which he replied, «literally anywhere except shoguns is fine.» OP hates the food at Shogun, you see, and didn’t want suffer through another meal there, not even for his wife’s birthday. Well, the whole family decided on Shogun anyway and OP tried to make the best of it by planning to order from the children’s menu. This wasn’t allowed, so he decided to just sit there and watch everyone eat. When he found out there was a $10 cover charge just to be present, he got up and left to sit in the car instead. Surprisingly, not everyone in the comment section called him a big baby. While some did wonder why OP didn’t just suck it up one more time for his wife’s birthday, many sympathized with him and declared that he wasn’t the a-hole. Keep scrolling for the whole story.

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