Image of a Lobsterwoman Lobbing One off Her Boat Gets the Meme Treatment

An epic image by photographer @jrinaldi5 has gone viral for all the right reasons. The crustacean-tossing lobsterwoman pictured is 101-year-old Virginia Oliver, and according to the Boston Globe, she’s been trapping lobsters since she’s was 8 years old (that’s before the Great Depression!) No wonder she looks so blasé as she expertly pitches the undersized creature back to the sea—it’s muscle memory at this point. 

There was never a chance that an exploitable image like this would get past Twitter without receiving the meme treatment, and one thread started by @BudrykZack does not disappoint. Some transformed Oliver into a fireball-throwing Super Saiyan, while others used lobster-tossing as a metaphor for relatable circumstances, like ‘my fall plans vs. the delta variant.’ A number of people took the opportunity to share their own lobster-related content. We’ve collected our favorite lobsterwoman memes from the thread.

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