Informative Thread Explains Why Most Companies Don’t Like Pay Transparency

Love it, hate it, or so used to clocking in you can’t imagine anything different, the bottom line is that almost all of us are doing our jobs for the money. We’ve all got bills to pay, and besides that, we want a quality of life, too. As it stands, a lot of the nice and essential things we need can only come about if you buy them.

Despite the fact that money is what motivates many of us to work, a lot of companies can be more than a little cagey when it comes to what we and our colleagues get paid. Sometimes, it can be hard not to suspect that there’s some shady number crunching going on behind the scenes. Sometimes, that turns out to be the case.

This has recently been underlined by an enlightening Twitter thread, in which people shared their experiences of learning about the income differences in the places they have worked. It would be nice if businesses could simply be upfront about what they pay everyone, but unfortunately, many lag behind in this matter.


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