Kim Kardashian Blasted For Telling Women to Work

Breaking: Another rich person has made an absolute fool of themselves by telling people – and more specifically, women – that they need to work harder. And we doubt anyone is surprised to hear that this time it’s Kim Kardashian.

The 41 year old billionaire is under fire on Twitter for a tone deaf comment tweeted by Variety in promotion of a just-released article about her family’s upcoming reality series on Hulu. It’s supposed to be Women’s history month, and the last thing working women want to hear is that they’re not working hard enough – it’s a damaging erasure of all the single mothers struggling to put food on the table, and completely insulting to people who simply haven’t had the same opportunities as someone like Kardashian, who was born into a famous family with millions of dollars to spare.

Discourse regarding privilege and nepotism has been very much alive in recent months, and Kardashian’s comments are only adding fuel to the raging fire. In this video, shared by Variety in their Instagram stories, Kim really digs a deeper hole for herself, saying «It seems like nobody wants to work these days,» with one of her vapid sisters replying «That’s so true» in the background.

As a woman who works very long hours and only makes enough to live in a small apartment – with roommates – this stuff really makes my blood boil. And I’m far from alone.

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