Knitting & Crocheting Memes For Proud Yarn Hoarders

Knitting and crocheting are some of the coolest hobbies somebody can have. Unlike joining adult sports leagues or endlessly consuming TV shows, you actually have something to show for your hobby when you knit or crochet. The amount of granny squares, beer coolers, or scarves you can gift your friends and family means that you will never have to buy a real present again. There’s something so uniquely fulfilling about creating something with your own hands that can rarely be replicated in any other activity.

Some people think that knitting and crocheting are only for old ladies, and that’s patently untrue. Even if it were true, what’s wrong with having hobbies that align with the interests of old ladies? Old ladies have incredible taste, and I would rather knit a blanket for my non-existent grandbaby while watching TCM than give a heck about what some non-knitter has to say about the demographics of those who can actually create something beautiful. If you’re a proud knitter or crocheter of any age, the following memes will brighten your day

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