Labor & Delivery Nurses Share Their Job «Icks», Spark Uproar on the Internet

Giving birth is one of the most impressive things that the human body can do. It’s also terrifying, and painful, and frequently traumatizes many of those who go through it. As a result, one of the most important parts of the birthing process is having supportive and knowledgeable people to help you through it. Unfortunately, though, things don’t always pan out this way.

Many mothers have horror stories of being mistreated in hospital, so it’s a wonder that some of the labor & delivery nurses at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia thought it was appropriate to broadcast their annoyances when it came to the patients and families that they dealt with. In a now infamous TikTok, several nurses shared their «icks» about the job, leading to widespread backlash — and to the staff involved getting fired. While it may be understandable to dislike certain parts on our job, there are some specialties where you shouldn’t be trying to go viral about it. 

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