Legendary Gamer ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Is the Elden Ring Community’s New Favorite Hero

A naked, pot-headed, katana-wielding Elden Ring player has charmed the online gaming community with his dedication to defeating one of the game’s most difficult bosses for other players in need. After completing Elden Ring, gamer Klein Tsuboi devoted countless hours to mastering Malenia, Blade of Miquela—a notoriously hard optional boss who heals every time she lands a hit on you (yes, even if you block). If a player attempting the feat does manage to dodge enough of her rapid hits and get Malenia down to zero health in the first stage of the fight, Malenia will proceed to sprout wings and summon a giant flower that explodes and spreads scarlet rot all around. Even more experienced gamers have claimed that Malenia is the most difficult boss of any FromSoftware game. And yet Klein Tsuboi has managed to defeat her over and over again, sometimes without taking any damage at all. 

Online PC players first started noticing a mysterious summon sign in Elden Ring called «Let me solo her» by Malenia’s fog door in early April. If summoned, Tsuboi’s character Let Me Solo Her will appear wearing nothing but a jar on his head and double-handing two katanas. He then proceeds to totally annihilate Malenia with impressive ease. Let Me Solo Her doesn’t always conquer Malenia, though. According to u/Sk1ny1, the only thing that has been able to stop Let Me Solo Her is lag between his computer and the summoner’s. Tsuboi and his Malenia-slaying character have quickly risen to legendary status. Fans have already made 3D-printed action figures, fan art, and memes about Elden Ring hero Let Me Solo Her. 

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