Luxury Diner Prompts Controversy by Showing off Gross Food at Michelin Starred Restaurant

Gastronomy has come a long way since we figured out that grinding up grain and cooking it produces something pretty tasty. While some of us have never evolved our tastebuds past the basics (hello, chicken tender devotees), there is a whole genre of food that seems devoted to pushing the concept of edibility to its logical limit.

We’re not talking about the dubious fast food place down the road that probably should have been shut down for hygiene reasons a long time ago. Instead, we’re looking to the other end of the scale — the highly regarded creme de la creme of eating out, the Michelin Starred restaurant. TikToker @rabiahraja recently received some raised eyebrows after documenting «the hardest things to eat» at double starred restaurant Alchemist in Copenhagen. It’s a given that nobody can afford to be a fussy eater when they take on haute cuisine, but this just takes things to another level.

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