Man Gets Charming Note From Neighbor, Starts Thread on the Ups and Downs of Living Near Others

Disappointing as it can be, most of us have to have living arrangements that involve other people. This doesn’t just include the pesky roommate that keeps stealing your milk, or your mom who gives you a disappointed look every time you venture out of her basement. On top of who we live with, we have to take into account who we live around. If you’re particularly unlucky, neighbors can wind up being even more of a nightmare than the worst people you’ve ever had under your own roof. 

It’s not everyday that somebody is fortunate enough to have an encounter with a kindred spirit, as @markspianos did. Joking to Twitter that he had received a «noise complaint», his neighbor had picked up on the piece he was practicing on the piano, and complimented his skills. What followed was a thread detailing a mixed bag of other peoples’ wholesome interactions with their neighbors, as well as some less pleasant ones. While living alongside strangers doesn’t always end well, it’s nice to know that there are at least a few examples of wholesome neighborliness out in the world. 

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