Man Ruins Dad’s Surprise Party, Gets Caught On Camera

There are three kinds of people in this world: those that love surprises, those who hate them, and the people who ruin them before they can even get off the ground. Most of us have fallen foul of giving away a secret at one point or another, especially when we’ve had a few beers. It’s not every day that you get the chance to ruin a party with it, though, as @dereklipp_ has found out.

A guest at a surprise birthday gathering, he managed to give up the ruse before the guest of honor had even entered the building. The video from a Ring doorbell shows him sitting on the porch, watching the man arrive and then teasing him for being late to his own party. Soon after, a woman comes out and chastises him for revealing what was happening.

Many viewers took Derek’s side with the mistake, with some claiming the surprise would still have been intact if the woman organizing it had been quick to get the guest inside and others pondering why he was left alone, drunk and unsupervised. Regardless of the unexpected interruption, hopefully everyone still had a good time. It also serves as a valuable lesson to make sure that when you throw a party, every attendee is in on the theme.


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