Manager Rudely Pressures Employee To Eat Lunch With Their Coworkers

Remember the days when finding the right place to eat lunch in the cafeteria was the most high-stake decision you could make? When you’re in school, it really is critical to find a group and stick with them during your 45 minutes of freedom. If you don’t have a group you can tolerate eating with every day, you might end up eating lunch in the stairwell, which I definitely did not do during my sophomore year of high school. Luckily, eating lunch alone is a lot less of a big deal when you’re an adult. In fact, most people just want to watch a YouTube video and eat their sandwich in peace. Unfortunately, many bosses and managers are still invested in a high school idea of lunch, where everyone is socializing and making connections during these few moments of spare time. One employee was pressured by such a manager, and their strategy to avoid this fate is aspirational. 

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