Memes For Teenage Adults

Tell me you’ve heard this one before: «I’m in my early twenties, but I still feel like a teenager. When am I going to start feeling like an actual adult?» This sentiment is expressed everywhere on the internet, and I can’t relate to it at all. As an adult in their early twenties, I understand not feeling fully mature, but I don’t feel like a teenager by any means. Being a teenager was literally torture, and I didn’t realize that until I was out of the woods. Right now, I feel like an adult who sucks at being an adult, but it’s okay because I haven’t been one for that long. 

Once you turn 35, you’ve officially been an adult longer than you’ve been a juvenile. That’s a scary thought, but I’ve got more than ten years to figure out how to be a good adult, so that’s plenty of time. If you’re a teenage adult, an adult teenager, or an old fogie, you’ll love these funny memes

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