Memes To Cross Off Your Summer Reading List

As a nearly-constant internet user, I often wonder how much reading I do that’s just on the internet. Sure, I might not read as much daily as I did when I was an English major, but these tweets and Tumblr posts have got to count for something, right? Allegedly, we read completely differently when using technology versus merely reading on paper. According to research, we skim more when reading online than in a paper book, even when reading e-books or PDFs of scanned book pages. I will admit that focusing on a chapter or even an article takes a lot more energy when Twitter is just a search away. 

Even if your librarian disagrees, I believe reading a random meme compilation is equivalent to reading a picture book, at least. It might even be more advanced. Put down that copy of No David and start scrolling down this queue of groundbreaking memes. 

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