Memes With Some Seasonal Themes

It is early November, and you know what that means. As she does every season, Mariah Carey is beginning her meteoric rise to the top of the Billboard charts. There is no Christmas song as iconic as All I Want For Christmas Is You; at this point, I wonder if there ever will be. Part of the appeal of Christmas songs is that they come back every year, which is why we’re still listening to Christmas songs from the 50s on the radio and why a song released in 1994 is still topping the charts. If Mariah beat Bing Crosby, maybe someday in the future, someone might beat Mariah. I doubt it, though.

While I do respect the lambs, some of us don’t want to start celebrating Christmas this early. After all, we still have Thanksgiving to look forward to,  and I don’t want to max out on my Christmas spirit too early. If you’re a casual fan of Christmas, you’ll love these amusing but mostly unseasonal memes. 

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