Mom’s Passionate Defense of CD Collection Wins Admiration of the Internet

I was pretty late on the technological uptake when growing up. Like, didn’t have a smartphone until I got my dad’s old iPhone in college late. While I still listened to plenty of torrented and streamed music, this also meant that I had a meticulously selected CD collection. I liked to tell myself that I was kind of like those vinyl snob hipsters, but with less money and style.

While these days I’m more or less solely digital when it comes to my media, I still have a fondness for the physical copies. They have an important place in history, too, as has recently been underlined by a TikTok shared by @haydenbegley. In it, she calls out her mom for keeping all her old CDs when they don’t even own anything to play them on. Nonetheless, her mom remains clear that she’s keeping them, recounting how painful it was to get rid of all her records only for them to come back in fashion. Viewers unanimously sided with her, giving plenty of good reasons to hang on to them. It seems like the hoarders win this round. 

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