Nicolas Cage Delights The Internet With Candid AMA

Based on his career alone, there’s a lot to love about Nicolas Cage. As an actor, his bombastic performances in all kinds of movie genres have made their mark on the world of film.

Not only does he have decades of acting under his belt, he’s also charmed his way into being one of the most memeable men to grace this earth. Between him, Rick Astley, and Chuck Norris, it’s easy to be transported back to a very different time in internet history.

Needless to say, this is a man with no shortage of fans from many walks of life. This is why many got excited when he decided to partake in an AMA on the r/movies subreddit over the weekend. Covering everything from his favorite ever work to his opinions on bees, the notoriously offline actor was generous with his time and entertained the rest of us in the process. Let’s just gloss over Ghost Rider.


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