Oblivious Recruiter Lies To Applicant That She Got The Job

There’s nothing worse than being in that wishy-washy phase of the job interviewing process. You know what I’m talking about: you’re a few interviews in and everything seems to be going as planned. The recruiter likes you, the boss likes you: the only thing you haven’t gotten yet is an offer letter. While this might not be as bad as an outright rejection, it can be an anxiety inducing back-and-forth between you and the recruiter. If you’re lucky, a good recruiter will be able to ease anxiety while also not giving too much away of what the boss is really thinking. 

One Reddit user shared her experience of working with a recruiter who was a little too eager to let her know that she got the job. While she told her outright that the position was hers, the applicant ended up getting rejected after the final interview. The language the recruiter used was also borderline inappropriate and veering into unprofessional territory. The applicant went to reddit to vent her frustration about this unfortunate situation.

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