Octopus Escapes Fishing Boat With Incredible Skill

We might not always realize it, but the ocean is home to some of the most mind blowing creatures on Earth. There’s some seriously intelligent life under the water, and near the top of the list has to be the octopus. These creatures have long impressed the world with their agility and problem solving abilities, but a lot of people find them pretty tasty as well. 

This seems to be the reason that one member of the species found itself on a fishing boat recently, prompting an amazing viral video as it effortlessly executed its escape. Sliding along the deck and through a small hole back into the sea, viewers were captivated by the skill on display. Almost everyone enjoys rooting for the underdog, and it’s difficult not to cheer them on. You might not want to come face to face with a wild land octopus in real life, though.

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