OSHA-Violating Swimming Pool Crane Prompts Horrified Jokes

Let’s be honest, most of us have done a thing or two at work that would make an OSHA inspector raise their eyebrows. I mean, when you walk across an unsigned and freshly mopped floor there’s the chance of a sweet legal payout, right? 

However, there’s always some people out there who take things way too far, risking the lives of themselves and other people in the immediate vicinity. The pictures that @ChrisJacksonSC recently posted on Twitter are hilarious from afar, but they are also 100% the definition of «Do not try this at work». In them, two workmen are shown trying to fix some ceiling panels above a swimming pool by placing their crane on a floating water mattress. 

The outrageous photoset prompted plenty of quips from amused Twitter users, with many wondering how they got away with their plan in the first place. Let’s just hope that everyone involved got out of the situation in one piece.


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