Overwrought TikTok Cringe Heralds Midwest Emo Renaissance

A fair amount of the internet can be filtered into one of three categories: loud, embarrassing, or an intriguing combination of the two that keeps you coming back for more. One of the main currencies of the content economy is cringe, and nowhere offers that in more plentiful amounts than TikTok. Many users of the app consider it an outlet for their own extreme emotions, or even better, a means to showcase other people’s. 

In fact, it’s become so notorious as an emotional outlet that some have decided to put a musical spin on it. Some musicians on the platform have figured out that with the right riff, some of the more audacious outbursts that are captured in video sound uncannily similar to the intro of your average midwest emo song.

From savage breakups to general screams into the void, these musical aficionados have recreated a genre in a way that almost makes you want to give screamo another chance (almost). If nothing else, this trend serves as a welcome reminder: that even when the going gets tough, at least we don’t have a stranger on social media melodizing our pain for the views.


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