Parent Accuses Teacher of ‘Threatening’ Their Child Because He Brought Up Summer School to Their Failing Student

When you’re a little kid, there’s nothing scarier than the possibility of attending summer school. That’s where you go when you’re a juvenile delinquent throughout the year and don’t finish your schoolwork. When a teacher brings up the dreaded idea of attending summer school, it’s usually a simple scare tactic to submit a class of youngsters into obedience. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Once you get to high school, you realize that summer school is an actual possibility and not just a scare tactic. Some kids go to summer school on purpose to get credits like Health and Drivers Ed out of the way, but other kids have to stay all summer, retaking the classes they failed to ensure they don’t get held back a grade. If you’re a parent of a student on the verge of being in the latter group, you will do whatever it takes to help your kid pass their classes, even if it involves a little tough love from their teachers. Unfortunately, not all parents think that way. 

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